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Bradford Wright Companies
Innovative Solutions to Biomedical Waste Management           






Some Testimonials

"I highly recommend that anyone who generates infectious medical waste give serious consideration to utilizing this technology."

- Robert G., M.D.,
Obstetrics and Gynecology


 "Because we have a DEMOLIZER System, it has eliminated all those big boxes which piled up in our office in between pick-ups."

- Cheryl S.
Medical Assistant, Pain Care Center


"The use of the DEMOLIZER System virtually eliminated our liability, has given us peace of mind and reduces staff exposure to airborne bacteria from stored medical waste."

- Mary G., Office Manager
Primary Care Medical Center


"I believe that prior to using the DEMOLIZER System our staff had little awareness of our medical waste flow and the cost to our practice of disposing of it; the use of a DEMOLIZER® System, would help any office staff to properly identify medical waste and handle it in the appropriate manner."

- Linda M., Practice Administrator
Medical Specialists Practice


"The DEMOLIZER System is easy and safe to use; it is cost effective and has been used in our offices for over two years."

- Timothy K., M.D.
Pediatric Center


"Last year OSHA conducted a Safety & Health Inspection at one our sites. After a careful review of the Demolizer System, the BBP standard and State regulations, CSHO Linda S. praised Scott W. for his center's " innovative and environmentally-friendly approach" to regulated medical waste disposal. This is particularly significant because the previous inspection was costly and contentious, resulting in very intense litigation ... OSHA's enforcement staff rarely compliment our company's best efforts."

- Mark S.,Corporate Director, Safety & Loss Control
National Skilled Nursing Care Chain



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Due to respect for our customers' privacy, we do not disclose customer or facility names on our website. Please contact us for reference requests.


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