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Collector Technology


The unique Demolizer collector technology was developed to perform effectively as a robust, tamper-resistant waste collector for both sharps and red bag waste. Currently available in a one-gallon capacity, the collector complies with the Bloodborne Pathogen Rule.

  • Trim, tapered design
  • Puncture and leak resistant
  • Safe, one-handed disposal
  • Closable prior to transfer to system for processing


collector and lid


Our sharps collector is fitted with a patent-pending, spinning safety lid, allowing safe on-handed disposal of used syringes.

Both collectors have locking lids that once snapped in place, cannot be removed.

Dimensions, including locking lid:

  • 8.25" tall
  • 10.25" wide
  • 4.5" deep

Only Demolizer II Sharps or Red Bag collectors can be used in the Demolizer II system.

Download our Demolizer Technology Brochure

What's Inside a Processed Collector?

Because Demolizer II lids are securely sealed once placed on the collector, our customers never see what's inside after their medical waste is processed.

For demonstration purposes, we've carefully removed the lid from a processed sharps medical waste collector so you can see what's inside.

The dry heat melts the plastic from the sharps. The patent-pending, spinning safety lid melts and encapsulated the sharps waste. The heat renders the entire contents sterile and non-biohazardous.

Processed Medical Sharps Waste
Sharps medical waste processed in the Demolizer II system.






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