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Skilled Nursing Care

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In the past fifty years, the U.S. elderly population has grown at twice the rate of the general population. It is estimated that by 2030, 70 million Americans will be 65 or older, comprising twenty percent of the population.

  • 42% of people 65 years and older report a long lasting medical condition
  • 7% of people 65 years or older need assistance with daily living activities
  • 56% of women and 38% of men will be living in a nursing home, or other assisted living facility, by the time they reach their 85th birthday.

These population statistics clearly indicate the growing need for long term healthcare. In fact, the majority of physicians in training today will spend 50% of their future practice time treating patients over the age of 65.

Currently there are more than 40,000 skilled nursing care facilities in the United States, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospices. Each patient's treatment in a skilled nursing care facility produces approximately 8 ounces of biomedical waste per day. As the need for skilled nursing care increases, there is a more pressing need for safe and efficient processing of these potentially infectious wastes.

The Demolizer II offers a cost-effective, safe, simple and secure solution to long-term care facilities' biomedical waste disposal.

"Last year OSHA conducted a Safety & Health Inspection at one our sites. After a careful review of the Demolizer System, the BBP standard and State regulations, CSHO Linda S. praised Scott W. for his center's " innovative and environmentally-friendly approach" to regulated medical waste disposal. This is particularly significant because the previous inspection was costly and contentious, resulting in very intense litigation ... OSHA's enforcement staff rarely compliment our company's best efforts."

Mark S., Corporate Director, Safety & Loss Control
National Skilled Nursing Care Chain

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Save Money

One of our customers, a long-term care network with over 200 facilities, saved an average of nearly $4,000 per facility using the Demolizer II. Because each facility is different, we are happy to provide a FREE, no-obligation cost analysis to show you how much your facility can save. Simply click here.

Create Safer Facilities

You can eliminate the need to store your biomedical waste and handle it mutiple times while waiting for pick-up. The Demolizer II processes the waste on-site and runs quietly at a comfortable, ambient external temperature. Our patented filtration system prevents unwanted odors.

Simple to Operate

Sharps and red bag waste are processed with the simple push of a button, eliminating the need for storage and excess handling.

After the process is complete, waste is rendered sterile and can be tossed into the common trash.

Secure Your Confidence in a Proven Technology

The Demolizer II is a smart system, constantly self-monitoring and controlling all regulatory system requirements as waste is processed. Once the process is completed, the system automatically generates labels for immediate documentation, then stores process data, making state required documentation effortless and the generator's cradle-to-grave liability virtually eliminated.

Incineration is the leading cause of dioxins and other harmful toxins entering the environment. Unlike incineration, the dry heat technology used by the Demolizer II does not emit harmful fumes into our atmosphere. Because processed waste is sterile, and sharps are rendered unrecognizable, dangers from toxic exposure or needle sticks are eliminated.

The Demolizer II system is designed to meet or exceed the standards or guidelines for biomedical waste treatment by the EPA, CDC and state regulatory agencies.

Laws and regulations for medical waste treatment and disposal are managed at the state or local level. The Demolizer technology has been reviewed by over 78 governmental agencies and is either formally approved or meets regulatory requirements for treatment in 47 U.S. states.

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