Demolizer technology can eliminate your cradle-to-grave liability. Download putty ssh for windows
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Perpetual (Cradle-to-Grave) Liability

Your liability does not end at your door.
When you want it done without liability, do it yourself.

Your liability for sharps and red bag waste does not end at your door. Unfortunately, you are responsible for your waste from cradle-to-grave, no questions asked, even if you pay a third party to haul it away and dispose of it. Protect yourself from this liability by making sure that biomedical waste items are disposed of properly, right at your facility.

What You Need to Know About Cradle-to-Grave Liability

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (Environmental Protection Agency, 42 U.S.C. s/s 6901 et seq., 1976) describes the perpetual, or cradle-to-grave liability as incumbent upon hazardous and infectious waste generators. The concept that these waste generators are liable for the hazardous/infectious nature of the biomedical waste from point of generation is supported by federal, state, and local law. This liability covers all steps including storage, transport, handling, processing, and ultimate disposal. Original waste generators may be held just as culpable for improper handling or illegal disposal of their biomedical waste as the company engaging in such misconduct. This ultimately requires the generator to diligently pursue proof of, and document, the proper processing and disposal of their biomedical waste, regardless of method or state requirements.

"The use of the DEMOLIZER System virtually eliminated our liability, has given us peace of mind and reduces staff exposure to airborne bacteria from stored medical waste."

Mary G., Office Manager
Primary Care Medical Center

Legal Precedents for Perpetual Liability

United States v. Paccione
Operators of a medical waste management operation were found guilty of fraud, conspiracy and other crimes related to forged certification documents and improperly obtained permits and licenses for the disposal of hazardous and medical waste. Doctors and hospitals who entrusted their waste to the operation for proper processing and disposal were held jointly liable for both civil and criminal fines.

Kenney v. Scientific
Individual waste generators (including a variety of healthcare practitioners) were held liable, along with the owners and operators of two landfills, in this lawsuit filed by local residents regarding improper and/or ineffective waste disposal.

Carnell Rivers Trucking Company
Original medical generators (doctors, hospitals) were held liable for damages and clean-up costs related to the actions of this hazardous/infectious waste hauler who had neglected to maintain adequate insurance and liability protection.

The Demolizer Technology

Eliminate your cradle-to-grave liability with the Demolizer II.
Demolizer technology offers a cost-effective, safe, simple, and secure approach to compliant waste processing, documentation, and disposal. The system converts both sharps and red bag waste to non-hazardous, non-infectious solid waste that can be disposed of as common trash. The Demolizer technology meets CDC and EPA recommendations for treatment and is consistent with the requirements under the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule. When used properly, the Demolizer technology eliminates cradle-to-grave liability.

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