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Bradford Wright Companies
Innovative Solutions to Biomedical Waste Management           






Environmental Responsibility

Before Demolizer technology, there were only two disposal choices for low - medium biomedical waste generators.




  • Harmful to our environment
  • Hazardous and deadly to humans and animals


  • Pollutes our air
  • Emits toxic fumes
  • Promotes global warming
cow eating in landfill

The Demolizer II is a safer choice for our environment.
Emissions from medical waste incineration release dioxins, furans and other harmful substances. These emissions pose signficant risks to public health and the environment. Due to increasing pressure, many incinerators in the U.S. have closed.

Landfills also create public health risks. Unprocessed red bag waste could emit potentially hazardous disease and toxins. Recognizable sharps present the greatest risks through their potential for accidental needle sticks.

Unlike incineration, the dry heat technology used by the Demolizer II does not emit harmful fumes into our atmosphere. Because processed waste is sterile, and sharps are rendered unrecognizable, dangers from toxic exposure or needle sticks are eliminated.

We actively promotes environmental responsibility.
Demolizer technology provides a simple, effective solution to biomedical waste management at the point of generation, and eliminates the possibility of sharps and red bag biomedical waste being disposed of directly into our environment.

Restoring a healthy environment is critical. We dedicate our time and resources to create solutions that help turn the world's present challenges into cleaner, safer options for our generation and the generations to follow.

We value greener solutions.
We are researching innovative technology to completely recycle Demolizer II filters and end products. Check back with us soon for more information on this initiative.





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